Autofill on page load not working on multi-step login pages

Hi all

So I’ve been enjoying using Bitwarden for a few days now, but can’t seem to get autofill on page load working on pages where you need to enter your username, hit enter to go to a new page, and then enter your password. An example is the Backblaze login page (

At first Bitwarden would only fill in the password, but not the username. I then tried adding the fields as linked custom fields (both the username and password, by right-clicking the field and having Bitwarden give me the field name), and now Bitwarden autofills the username, but not the password.

Has any experienced anything similar or know how to get around this?

If linked custom fields does not resolve this issue, it may be related how the site was developed. You can also use the form in this Github issue to report specific auto-fill failure issues for the team to investigate: Autofill isn't working for a specific site · Issue #1621 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Great, I’ll look into that, thanks!