Auto unlock vault for browser extension

Feature name

  • Option to auto verify with “biometric unlock”

Feature function

  • If biometric unlock option like Windows Hello is on, try to unlock my vault with it when I open my browser instead of clicking the extension icon and select “unlock with Windows Hello” → YES.
  • It will bring seamless experience.
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Hello @ATMOSPHERE and welcome to the community,

Thanks for the request, it appears as though this is something that is already implemented at this time.
Though I do not have my computer with biometrics to test with currently, as I recall when opening the browser extension as long as the desktop app is also running and has been logged in with Allow browser integration enabled, then the browser extension will request to unlock the vault with biometrics.
Though this would not work to login to the vault, only unlock.

Here are a few relevant posts, hope that helps.

Thanks for posting those duplicates, Kent. Much appreciated.

If anyone would like to support this OP’s request, please vote using one of the links above that most closely matches your interest. Closing thread…