Automatic Biometric Selection In Browser


Really loving the integration with Windows Hello with the Chrome extension. Only problem is there is no option to default to biometrics. When clicking on the locked vault, the first option is to enter the master password. With “Unlock With Biometrics” being a secondary action that always requires manual selection. Would highly value if Windows Hello could be the default option, with the desktop bioauthentication popup occurring immediately after pressing the extension.

Currently, when the Vault is locked, you have to manually click the Bitwarden icon, then click ‘Unlock with Biometrics’ button, to unlock the vault using fingerprint. By that time you could’ve just entered the master password.

For added convenience, wouldn’t it make more sense to just show a Biometrics dialog to unlock, when enabled in the Settings? If the fingerprint cannot be verified, it will then automatically fallback to the master password.

This should be out in the next release: