Ask to save password even when BitWarden is locked

Please add the option for “Ask to save password” prompt to function even when BitWarden is locked.

There’s been plenty of times when I login to a website I know isn’t saved in BitWarden and do so forgetting to unlock BitWarden first, which means I’m not promoted to save the password I just used. Would be nice if saving of usernames and passwords could be promoted even when the vault is locked.

This is a great idea! After all, I can’t see any obvious risk about ADDING an account in the vault… the risk is to retrieve login details…

But maybe i’m skipping some things…

One risk that comes to mind for me would be over-writing an existing account. Another would be that, if the app is still able to write new data to your store, that would mean the store is not actually locked and is only inaccessible to the user via GUI.

It doesn’t have to be stored. I think it would suffice if the prompt shows up, then you need to enter your master password, and then the new item is actually stored.


@aksdb That could work and that would be helpful.

+1 for aksdb’s suggestion of a prompt. This would be very helpful for me.

I used roboform for years, and they do what aksdb suggested, just prompt the save if you say yes than you have to enter your master password, it would be a handy feature, I keep forgetting to unlock after I close my browser

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Currently Bitwarden does not queue the creation of new site entries while the network is down. If it did, then an additional feature worth adding would be to save new site entries, while Bitwarden is locked, into a queue file, using a public key. Later, when Bitwarden is unlocked, it can migrate the queued data into the normal database.

I realize of course that it’s easy to wish for such things, a lot harder to actually implement then.

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This makes starting to use Bitwarden a gross experience, since I have set Chrome to lock the Bitwarden extension on device lock, and I have to remember to unlock Bitwarden before logging in somewhere for the first time with credentials I have memorised so that I receive the prompt to save those credentials. Why does Bitwarden need to be unlocked for this prompt?

It would be great if Bitwarden asks users to save the password without the need to enter the master password. Whenever I create a site, I have to remind myself to save the account in the vault. Sometimes I forget the password that I used for creating the account.

Actually I don’t have votes left but this could be really a nice feature! :+1:

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