Ask to save password even when BitWarden is locked

Thing is other password managers do this without adding extra risk, by the way described above and honestly that gives a more intuitive experience as you don’t constantly have to think about opening a plugin/vault, it just prompts you or gives you a menu when/where you need it.

You’re implying you need to “open the vault” to generate a password, but other password managers like lastpass just add an icon in the password input field and if you click it you get a menu with the option to generate a new unique password. Then it asks you if you want to save it when you continue and if you’re not logged in to the vault yet it juts prompts you to do so. That just feels more natural to me as it’s more integrated into the actual login/register fields you have to interact with as you browse the web normally and doesn’t require some new routine to not have to type stuff twice.

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Feature name

  • Password Save in Locked Vault

Feature function

Password managers such as LastPass attempt to save passwords even if the vault is locked. It is a super important feature for a password manager since it is insecure or at least not necessary to login to the password manager anytime the user opens the web browser. On top of that, it is uncomfortable and many users may forget that.
Lacking this feature may cause “security fatigue” or “login fatigue” that leads to not using the automatic vault lock function. So, increases the cybersecurity risks.

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@Shadow Welcome to the Bitwarden Community!
Is this what you are asking for?


This is a MAJOR item that is preventing me from switching from LastPass to BitWarden. I want and need Bitwarden to prompt any time a password is entered, ESPECIALLY WHEN LOCKED, because it is normally locked. So 99.9% of the time, Bitwarden fails to save my passwords because of this.

@kyferez it’s underway :slight_smile:


This feature is now included in the latest release :sunglasses: