Prompt when logging into an acct in which there is no saved password

Sometimes I log into a new acct and forget to use Bitwarden to make the user/pass and then weeks later when I log in again I realize I dont know the info. It would be helpful if Bitwarden would act like Chrome and each time it see’s that I am logging into an app or website in which there is no user/pass saved, I would be prompted to add the info to Bitwarden. This could also be an auto-add feature where the login is added with no interaction on my end if done on a recognized device

Hi @tjmcginnis this is now included in the latest release. Feature request for it is here: Ask to save password even when BitWarden is locked - #28 by tgreer

Hello, I see that you added this feature in a latest version & I understand why it was added, however I’m having a problem with it.

Bitwarden window to save the password when I try to login in the website is appearing even if I already have saved the password in Bitwarden. It’s actually annoying that I get this window every time I login. Can you please make it so that this window appears only if information of website isn’t saved in Bitwarden? Like Bitwarden would check the information of website login & if it’s not there then it pop ups, if it’s there, then it doesn’t.