Ability to stop Asking to save when vault is locked or logged out

Bitwarden asks to save passwords even when it is locked or logged out. It’s annoying and currently the only way to disable is to disable the Ask globally.

There really should be a way to optionally disable this function when the vault is not logged in or unlocked. Literally just want the ability to make a previous related feature request optional instead of forced.

@pozzeur Welcome to the forum!

You also have a second option. If you want to disable this behavior for a specific site, you can add the site’s domain name (FQDN, including base domain and subdomains) to the Excluded Domains list in the browser extension Settings.

Except that stops it from asking from saving logins for those domains always. I want it to only ask if it is unlocked and never ask if it is locked, regardless of the domain.

Thank you for clarifying your feature request.