Bitwarden prompts to save when it isn't logged in

When not logged in, Bitwarden still prompts to save passwords, which seems counter-intuitive. This used to confuse me because it’s almost always a site that I already know is saved. Because the browser also has login storage, I don’t often need to log into Bitwarden immediately.

To sum up: I assert that Bitwarden should wait to be logged in before issuing any prompts.

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Welcome to the forum, @billTheTailor!

Well, it used to work the way that you want it to, but in response to a popular feature request to have Bitwarden ask to save passwords even when locked, the current functionality was implemented in 2021.

Regardless, you should disable the browser’s native password manager function, as it may have security vulnerabilities and can interfere with the proper functioning of the Bitwarden browser extension.