Disable prompt to save pw when bitwarden is locked

I would suggest that when initiating a browsing session during which you don’t want any interaction with the Bitwarden browser extension, use the browser’s Extension Manager to temporarily disable the Bitwarden extension.

No i don´t want to constantly disable and enable the extension. Thats not the point. However we decided to set lockout to a maximum of 15 minutes which basically means users are more or less constantly logged out.

FYI, the prompting to save logins even when the extension is not unlocked was the subject of a [popular feature request from 2018 to 2021], and the absence of this feature caused unnecessary strain on Bitwarden’s customer support and bug reporting system, as explained by @djsmith85 in his comment [above].
Anybody who would like the current feature to be reverted can vote and comment in the following active feature request thread:
Bitwarden prompts to save when it isn't logged in

Wow that one has actually 0 votes. Are all the annoyed users only in our Company?
So i added a vote with a comment and a suggestion which might satisfy both groups.

(links removed from quote since i am a new users and am not allowed to leave them in)