Disable prompt to save pw when bitwarden is locked

When I have Bitwarden locked it continually prompts me to save passwords on everything, even if I have the password already.

Can I stop this functionality?

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Yeah, but the setting is dependent on how you’re accessing Bitwarden. It’ll say something like “Disable Save Prompt”. Knowing which you’re using would make it a lot easier.

I’m accessing Bitwarden with the Chrome extension.

Bitwarden = Locked
I login to something I already have a saved password for in Bitwarden and it prompts me to save it. I have to either click “Save” or “Never for this site” Clicking save makes me login which I do not want and mostly has no effect anyway as its already in my vault.

I need it to stop prompting if Bitwarden is locked. I don’t want to unlock it every time I use the browser.

Somewhere in the options of the extension, sorry if I can’t be more help than that.

Thanks for your help.

It’s a new feature that was implemented a month ago or so where Bitwarden prompts to save the password even when your vault is locked. Thing is, Bitwarden does not know if you have the password saved if you are locked so it pesters you unnecessarily.

I don’t believe there is a feature to disable this yet and I hope it is a yet.

The help page says that it can be disabled. Is it wrong?

Yes, but that disables it completely right? It says nothing about being locked or unlocked. Just disables it.

I need the functionality from before the last update… Disable prompt for password when Bitwarden is locked.

Ah, so I’ve checked Github. The bad news is that it’s definitely a bug. The good news is a fix has been put out already.

So basically this bug has to do with the potential of account switching. The fix changed where the storage for your stuff is.

So what this means is you need to do all the common troubleshooting steps if you haven’t already.

  1. This means total logout and use Bitwarden vault page to deauthorize all sessions. Before beginning, make sure you’re going to be able to get back in. Your master password and recovery should be good. Dont roll your eyes at this step, I’ve emailed the team to reapply my subscription for an account I had to delete before :grin:

  2. Simply log back in, does the extension work? If not, deauthorize.

  3. So we’re almost positive the extension is broken now and unfortunately I haven’t touched a desktop in almost a decade! So what I would do is delete the extension, make sure this isn’t kept in memory somehow (cache, account storage), reinstall, and log back in.

  4. If we’re sure this is a fresh install, then it’s time to submit a bug report. You can use Get in Touch | Bitwarden for this.

Ah ok. I thought this was a new feature!

I have tried everything but am still getting the prompt when Bitwarden is locked.

I have already messaged Bitwarden on the link you provided. Unfortunately they said I can just disable the login prompt from the settings as you did. I have replied but have not heard back.
Is there anyway I can explain this better to them so they understand what I am trying to say as so far I have not really been able to make it clear what the issue is. Maybe a link to the GitHub issue that is related to my issue?


No problem, hope you get it fixed.

Definitely include all your information like browser version, extension, what we’ve tried, etc. It makes clear what is a bug and what is user error. If they’re convinced it’s related, the fixing comes quicker.

I’m not sure what more I can say other than what is in the GitHub issue and from what I see on the GitHub issue is that it is still open so therefore not resolved. The next “fixed version” was February and I am still experiencing this issue. Maybe I should post on GitHub instead?

Can support really fix this if the issue is still open and I have uninstalled and removed all sessions?

Yeah, I recommend posting, here’s why:

Bitwarden on GitHub is more than Bitwarden support. Bitwarden support is limited to what you can find through Bitwarden.com.

On the GitHub page, there are also people who host Bitwarden themselves, coders in general who just want to fix things, and of course Bitwarden support themselves. In comparison, Support is actually a very small group of people. What they’ve managed to build is impressive, the competition are titans in comparison while being less secure.

Anyone of these people might know how to get the bug resolved and a fix truly in place. But you can’t know until you post on the home of open-source.

Hi @warmwhisky,

I’m, sorry to hear you are having issues with this. I’ll try and shed some light on it.

This feature was built to prompt to save, on a locked vault, because especially new users would forget about unlocking their vault beforehand. Which also led to a lot of false reports found on: Bitwarden does not prompt to save or update credentials · Issue #1620 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

If the vault is locked all of your data is encrypted and there is no way for Bitwarden to know which sites you might have credentials saved for.

I’m assuming the reason you are seeing these save prompts are: A locked vault and manually entering your credentials to a website.

If you’d for example use the shortcut (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L) or the context-menu to trigger auto-fill it will prompt you to log-in on a separate tab, unlock the vault and auto-fill.
As the vault is now unlocked and the credentials match an existing entry, no save-prompt is shown.

There is currently no setting to disable this functionality only for a locked vault. The setting mentioned earlier in this thread only disables all save or change password prompts.

If you are not entering your credentials manually and there is another reason for the prompt showing, then please detail all steps on the Github issue mentioned by @not

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Kind regards,

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I have posted on GitHub. I’m using Chrome autosaved passwords.

I didn’t think Bitwarden would be able to know what sites I have saved passwords for if it was locked. Which begs the question; why put this feature in? I cannot bear closing the prompt for every site and unlocking just to stop it. I want to unlock the vault to gain access to the vault when I need it not because of new users who forget to unlock.

Do you think there may be a fix for this in the future?

In your BW extension:

Settings → Options → Disable Add Login Notification

You won’t see the prompts again.

Again, this disables it outright which is not the point of this thread. Prior to the last update in December 2021 it would not prompt to save a password if BW was locked. The title of the thread explains the issue concisely.

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Yes, I know. But you sound desperate to stop the prompts. Just trying to help ease that at least a bit.

There’s no point in using a password manager that does not save passwords.

The only way to have it function as it did is to set the Vault Timeout to Never which is also not ideal.

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