Archive old accounts

A small change in the backend is needed. The poll request is awaiting review.


Great idea! I would definitely want this. I just ran into a situation where this would have been very useful to have.

I have been waiting for this feature for more than 2 years and it is still not on the roadmap.
That’s a shame considering this feature request has been open since July 2019.

We used to use the Trash as an archive, but we found out the hard way that our data was deleted after a certain amount of time.
In the desktop app, you don’t even get any warning whatsoever that the items will get deleted.
Only in the web app.

I hope bitwarden dev team does implement this feature as soon as possible.


I need this feature. All the suggested workarounds are insufficient for the simple reason that they make the UX clunky, and this is fundamentally a UX request. I have north of 300 items in Bitwarden, and I need better tools to manage that volume.

I can only reiterate this; and @henrebotha: welcome to the club of people requesting this!

@bw-admin Any hope for a review of the pull request?

Add me to the list of +1. I am new to Bitwarden and am shocked that this is not an already existing feature. Honestly, I was debating between 1Password and Bitwarden but ended up on Bitwarden because my company is going to move to it. I would really like this feature.

@tmcclaury Welcome to the forum!

If you scroll up to the top of the thread, there is an actual Vote button where you can officially vote for this feature. The vote count is currently at 299, so your vote would make it an even 300!

I voted. Hopefully the Bitwarden team will make this a priority.