Archive old accounts

Another option to ensure that the “Archived” items are never matched is to simply set the item’s Match Detection to Never. That way, there is no need to delete the URI or cut and paste it into the Notes field.


Great point, I updated the steps above.

Is there also a way to prevent those old logins from showing up in reports? Some of the archived logins don’t actually work, or I cannot change the password. In those cases I don’t want them to show up in the reports (or would like a way to exclude them).

Hey @sclark the team is working on improvements to the reports, including looking into the ability to permanently dismiss a report flags that you have addressed or don’t need to be addressed.


There are lots of “workarounds” described in these posts, but not a one-click archive function.
There have been even more suggestions how such a one-click archive could be implemented, and many of them seem really straightforward and simple to implement. This feature request has been brought forward over 3 years ago and has 212 votes as of now. It has been one and a half years since someone referred to the Roadmap, where I could never find this feature.
Our organization with >20 paid seats with >2000 stored passwords would really benefit from this, please consider implementing one of the quick solutions suggested here.


Thanks @rincewind00, the feedback has been passed along to the team. In the meantime, searches start from where you are in the UI, which allows you to select a folder or collection where you want the query to check.

Thanks @dwbit for your prompt reply. My issue is mostly for the URI matching in the browser, not search. We have 50 customer cloud accounts showing up for, for instance.

  • Yes, I can favorite the currently active ones, but then favorites basically contain all actively used accounts, defeating the purpose of favorites.
  • Yes, I can set URI matching to “never”, but for about ~1700 accounts overall that should be archived, that’s quite the task (is there a way to do this in bulk?).
  • And yes, I can move them into a different vault, but as far as I can tell, I can only select “search vault Archive” but not “search all except vault Archive”.

Lots of workarounds, but none really scratching that itch. I could imagine a pretty UX element just like the LOGIN/CARD/ID groups for the archived items to show up at the bottom, maybe at first collapsed with a count, or like the password history “link”

OK, this is yet another work-around, but I believe you can exclude the archive vault from searches, by manipulating the permissions. This is explained here:

This still remains my biggest annoyance. The work arounds that describe using a separate organization is all good and fine until you have more than one organization. I cannot search in both my shared and personal Vaults at once if I do this, without it capturing the Obsolete organization.

Please bring this feature soon!

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Until this functionality is implemented, another possible workaround would be to define a custom field in all items that should be hidden, using a unique name (or value) — preferably something short, like x86. Then you can exclude these records using advanced search expressions, like the following:
>bank* -x86

If it is possible that your obsolescence codeword appears somewhere in a non-obsolete vault entry, then you can restrict the detection of that codeword to only custom fields, as follows:
>bank* -fields:x86

I’m doing this currently and works well.

I would like this too… I am with you, I do not like when I hit search, I see a hole bunch of passwords that I do not want, but I am a packrat in ways.

the way I got around this, since I moved from Lastpass, I just created a second free Bitwarden account, and just imported everything into that one, then I deleted everything from my main account that I do not want… when I need to go back cause I accidently deleted something, I just log into that account. (I plan on just sharing that account with me, but have not gotten to that part yet)

would rather just have an archive folder that does not show up in “Everything” or in searches.

Before Posting

Feature name

  • Archive

Feature function

  • This feature moves passwords files to another category or folder, so inactive passwords don’t clutter up the main page or vault
  • This feature will help keep the main page clean, ensure only active passwords are present so it is easier to navigate the main page without having to click or search all the time

Related topics + references

  • Similar features can be seen in email inboxes, for instance, Gmail allows you to archive emails for record-keeping

2023, any news ?

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Hey @superdave no updates at this time, the team is working on many roadmap items including Manifest V3 support, I’ll be sure to update when more information is available :+1:

Since there seems to be no movement on the implementation, the workaround will probably have to do. I have moved about 1200 items to an “archive” folder. Is there a way to change the URI matching in bulk?