Android autofill overwrites fields and can't be dismissed

Hi, I’m using Android 10 (Samsung) and BW has a habit of overwriting text entry fields with “Autofill with Bitwarden/Go to my vault” where I need to enter text e.g. home banking and therere’s no obvious way of dismissing the BW prompt.

I checked Auto-fill logins on Android | Bitwarden Help & Support but it says nothing about dismissing autofill.

How do I get round this?

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I had the same issue. I’ve overcome this issue, by putting OFF the overlay permission via app info of Bitwarden app (option ‘Appear on Top’). When option ‘Auto-fill service’ stays ON, you can still autofill the login fields, using the autofill button from the notification area.
It may not be the nicest solution, but it does prevent the problem described, which always irritated me too.
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Tx - I changed it under Settings> Apps (strange that you can’t set it on Bitwarden’s settings) and then I still get the autofill prompt but it’s no longer positioned completely obscuring the text entry field, which is great! Also I can tap the background and it disappears. :slight_smile:

TBH I don’t understand all these different options as they’re not explained in non-developer terms.
Also I don’t see your BW icon in my drop-down list. But I’m running Android 10 so that might be different.

That all said, BT is still miles better than LastPass which hardly ever worked at all on Android (unless you used its built-in browser).

I also run Android 10. In Android 11 autofill is part of the keyboard, so there it will run way different.
You can add the Bitwarden icon in the notification area by yourself, via ‘reorder icons’. Hope, this helps.