Android: add explicit "←" back button to screens

Feature name

  • Add explicit “←” back button to screens

Feature function

  • Currently, to go back from any sub-screen, users have to just rely on swipe gestures. The only exception is the search view, which does have an explicit “←” back button in the top bar. It would be nice to have this available on all screens (while still keeping the swipe gesture as a shortcut)
  • This will make navigation through the app more logical/discoverable

Perhaps I am misunderstanding your request, but why not just use the back button on your Android phone? It is a heck of a lot closer than putting one at the top-left corner of the Bitwarden screen.

sorry, to give more context, this is when your Android is set to “Gesture Navigation” by default (e.g. on more recent Pixel etc devices). by default, there are no visible back/home/etc buttons - users that do want them have to explicitly go to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation and switch to 3-button navigation.

However, even in gesture navigation mode, many apps (such as 1Password for Android) still provide explicit arrow back buttons in their top bar, exactly because Google’s decision to default to gesture navigation is confusing most users.

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