No back button on android 13 app

When viewing a login item in android 13 there is no back button to go back to the list of login items or just to the app that triggered Bitwarden. Very frustrating. Basically need to close BW and open again.

I believe the Android back button or back gesture works, doesn’t it?

Yes but why now a back button in the app?

Because it isn’t necessary? Not sure.

Seems like a simple navigation item. There’s a back button (arrow) on the top left when opening the login list or searching for something so why not when viewing details of an item?

Android apps tend not to have back buttons.

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I don’t know, I just opened three random apps and all have a top left back arrow.
It’s not that complicated to add a back arrow.

I just opened the three most recently used apps from the tray on Android 12, and none of them had back buttons (Strava, Zwift Companion, OpenVPN Connect).

Ok no worries. I’ll use the swap back gesture. It just seems inconsistent that some pages have it and some don’t

Hello! I bought a new phone with android 13 and had the same problem. There is a not obvious gesture: to replace an old back button (even there is no arrow button in the app) you need to swipe from either the left or the right edge of phone screen. But yes, for now BitWarden is the only app that doesn’t have back button :slight_smile: