How do I get back to the vault on android

When I view an item on the Bitwarden android app there doesn’t seem to be a way to get back to the vault without closing and opening the app. Anyone got any suggestions.

How do you normally go back a screen in other apps? On my Pixel, it’s a swipe gesture from either side. In settings, this can be changed to show the Back, Home and Recents buttons at the bottom.

Thanks for the reply Dan, I had tried to swipe, fast swipe, slow swipe, from close to the edge, from a bit away from the edge but no luck.
I did work it out though and it is the little back arrow. I have only ever had iPhones till about a week ago so that is a strange concept to me, I was looking for something in the app to take me back. It took a me a while to work out that’s how you go back a page in a web browser, obviously it is used for more than that.

Lenovo tablets no longer have a back button, so how do I get back to the vault? I had to access it on my phone, which set off the alerts.