An error has occurred An unexpected error has occurred. (browser extension / chromium)

Hi there, not sure if there’s been an upgrade of late, but suddently my bitwarden chromium extension is no longer logging in on my browser.I can log into the bitwarden app on my android/apple/windows application without issue, so I think it’s just the browser extension. This is the error I am receiving:

An error has occurred
An unexpected error has occurred.

I did check previous postings, but didn’t see a resolution. Any suggestions or logs I can provide?

(Chromium: Version 84.0.4147.135 (Developer Build) (64-bit))


If you right click the extension icon and then “inspect element”
or “inspect popup window” can you see any errors in the console?

Ok so managed to get somewhere with this.

I wasn’t able to inspect the popup window, am using “ungoogled chromium” and it just wouldn’t allow me to inspect anything related to the extension. As I was browsing through, I noticed that Bitwarden was stuck on 1.48 and not the latest version, despite me manually trying to update through ungoogled chromium, it wasn’t hitting. I removed the extension and readded 1.54 and everything was working again. Now to find out why UC wasn’t updating extensions!

Will mark as solved. thx