"Always on Top" Option

This suggestion is for Bitwarden browser extension

Hello, I’m one of those people who switched from LastPass to Bitwarden and can’t even express how happy I am with Bitwarden and how great it feels comparing to LastPass. Anyway, I have a small suggestion for it. I think it would be very useful if devs would put “Always on Top” option in settings. Sometimes I want to copy things from Bitwarden and paste them on the website, however whenever I copy something and then click on the website to paste it, Bitwarden chrome extension doesn’t stay opened, it closes, so I need to click on it again, go in secure notes, find the note I was trying to copy and continue like this, which is a bit tiring you will agree. So, I think simple “Always on Top” option would be very useful.

Hi @dean0919 - welcome to the forums and welcome to Bitwarden!

We do have a ‘pop-out’ option that we think is a cool option . If you open the browser extension and click the little box with the arrow (as seen below) - it’ll stay open until you close it.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 9.38.01 AM

But! Another nifty trick (if you’re a Firefox user) - is our side-bar support, which is awesome:

Let us know what you think!

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Hi tgreer,
I’m Chrome user, so second trick won’t work for me.

I just tried that “pop-out” option. Not bad, but still it’s not what I suggested. It does stay opened, but it gets minimized when you click on the website to paste copied content. It would be much easier if you guys would add simple option to stay on top for Bitwarden in settings, so users could easily copy/paste things from there to the websites without minimizing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! The pop out window shouldn’t minimize when you change focus though, it should operate as a completely separate window.

Anyhow - thanks for posting the request!

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Great! I didn’t know this little option. Thanks for mentioning it. :slight_smile:

It does. But it disappears in the background if you click back into the website. So you have to put the Bitwarden window into the foreground again. That’s what @dean0919 meant. It would be great if there was an option for this separate windows to always stay on top. :wink:

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I agree with the sidebar solution but at the same time, I also believe there should be an option to allow the pop-out to a new window to stay on top.

It makes it easy to manually type in the passwords on the banking websites where autofill is disabled.