Open browser extension to Favorites

I’ve been a LastPass user for years and just making the switch to bitwarden. I would also like for the extension to open to Favorites, or at least make an option in settings to be able to change it. It’s nice to click on the extension and launch site/autofill simultaneously instead of having to go to the website first and then using the extension (or opening the extension first and then having to click the Vault). Saves a step or 2. Thanks for considering it.

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I moved your post to its own feature request, because the thread you had posted in was a request to change the landing page in the Web Vault and Desktop apps (which have a UI that is very different from the browser extension).

Can you explain your use-case further? Based on your description, I believe that you have enabled Auto-fill On Page Load, is that correct? My interpretation of what you wrote is that you would like to be able to use the Bitwarden browser extension like a bookmark manager, to quickly launch your favorite websites using 1-2 clicks (after which auto-filling occurs automatically). Have I understood that correctly?

However, I’m having trouble interpreting what you wrote here:

Can you explain in more detail what you are doing in the work-flow described above?

Thanks. Right, so I did have Auto-fill on Page Load enabled but it wasn’t working reliably. I also started working with some of the custom text fields, which I think will fix those that don’t auto-fill on page load. On the LastPass extension (you may have seen this or not), Favorites was listed a couple rows maybe beneath where you click the extension in Chrome. Maybe it would suffice to have an option to move the bitwarden extension navigation icons to the top of the extension right beneath the Search field (I would pay for this as a feature if available in the premium version) as I don’t have to move my mouse all the way to the bottom to click Vault and then get to Favorites. With LastPass, I would go to Favorites in one quick click near the extension and then launch 1 of 10-15 favorites I use daily/weekly. With bitwarden, I know it sounds lazy but it takes longer to navigate to the bottom of the extension to access the Vault and then Favorites. I’m using my laptop with a TV and after I click the extension at the top right of Chrome, I then have to move my mouse to 2/3 down the screen to access the Vault icon. To me, this is like using the ribbon in Word to click an option but the option I want is then 2/3 of the way down the screen. It doesn’t feel intuitive and it feels slow. Thanks for considering it!

Edit: FWIW, opening the extension to Favorites would also be a great option. Either would be great for me and, I believe, others who have used the LastPass extension with their favorites.

Thanks for providing some more details. First, so that there is no misunderstanding, I want to clarify that I am not affiliated with Bitwarden in any way (although I have some abilities to moderate on the forum based on my level of participation here), so I cannot influence what new features they work on, and my opinions don’t reflect theirs.

I’m just trying to understand — is there a reason that you can’t just use Chrome’s bookmark feature (or some 3rd-party bookmark management utility) to do this? And then let Bitwarden just handle the auto-filling of credentials (either automatically on page load, or manually using the Ctrl_Shift+L shortcut)?

Thanks for clarifying and moving my post. I suppose I don’t understand your question. Why would I put all of the URLs that are already stored in the extension/site into bookmarks and have to manage them in 2 places when they can be, potentially, easily launched from the extension? I know I can move my mouse all around the screen and achieve what I want. I’m just pointing out the UI is not as user friendly, for me, as LastPass. I’ve used Bitwarden for a few days now. I’ll probably go try the other one people mention and see if the UI is more user-friendly. Also, even though this is for the extension, other people are apparently asking for this elsewhere. So, some people also want to be able to load to Favorites for ease of use, extension or otherwise. If you’ve only ever used Bitwarden, maybe you don’t understand the time savings in not having to do extra clicks and mouse movement.

I see your point — it would be convenient to use a single product that acts both as a bookmark manager and and as a password manager. Currently, Bitwarden is focused on management of passwords and other secrets, and only offers basic functionality related to management and use of website bookmarks. Maybe your feature request will gain some traction here and Bitwarden will expand its functionality to include bookmark management one day.

With regards to “extra” clicks mouse movements, I personally hardly ever use my mouse to fill in login credentials. After using a Chrome bookmark to launch a website in one click, I just use the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut to auto-fill the login form, and hit “Enter” to log in. I only open the browser extension if I want to auto-fill information from a credit card or identity (which do not currently have a keyboard shortcut).

Been requested for years, check
Makes a hell of a lot of sense, check
Been upvoted by many, check
Still not a part of Bitwarden, check…


(I know… limited resources, maximum requests, I know… it’s just bugging me that I gotta make a special entry like credit card to get it to pop up on the Tab page. Or, conversely, we could have the option to have BW open to the vault page, with Favs at top)

OK, so a clunky workaround: I just made my login information in a Card format, and voila: it shows up on the Tab page

Cmon… I know y’all crazy busy. I know corporate sales drive BW’s bottom line. I know us peons are well, peons. It’s just that BW is really the only game in town. I’ve tried many times to switch to 1PW, Keeper, (lastpass? ha)… they’re prettier, but dammit BW whips the llama’s ass (remember that one?). They just can’t come close to BW. And BW is soooooo close to perfection.

Thanks folks. :slight_smile:

I moved your posts into this feature request thread, because the thread you had posted in was for the Desktop app and Web Vault, which do not have a Tab page.

I would recommend that that you consider installing a bookmark management utility for this type of functionality, and just use Bitwarden as a background service for autofilling.