Add passkeys to the Bitwarden Authenticator. As an alternative to store Passkey offline instead of using Bitwarden Password Manager

I know that you can store passkeys in the Bitwarden Password Manager. So, think of this feature request as a main storage location or as a second storage backup for passkeys that can be offline and not in the cloud.

Since passkeys are like a form of two factor authentication. It would be cool if the Bitwarden Authenticator app would also store passkeys, along with the authentication codes that are being generated by user. Lastly, being able to export and import those passkeys.

So this would be like a second backup or a main option and also it would be an offline storage option for Passkeys. So, instead of Passkeys being stored in the Bitwarden Password Manager. Which is in the cloud. A user will be able to create passkeys in the Bitwarden Authenticator app which is offline by default.