Passkeys storing feature missing

Hello guys, since update 2023.10.0 we should be able to store passkeys in our Bitwarden. Im self hosting and using a normal account from bitwarden as well (paid license. I have watched the videos more than 20 times and can not find the option where to save my passkey in my vault, nor can I create a new item with a new passkey. But according to the release notes we should now be able to store our passkeys. Does anyone have any helpful insignts, am I missing something? The option simply does not exists as shown in the video under Account → Security.

Thank for your help in advance.

What you describe here, is the option, to get access to Bitwarden with a passkey. This function is not available yet. Storing passkeys in the vault is, but at the moment only via the browser extensions. Here is a new help page about that: Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center

I understand but the option is not available even in the browser extention, there is no field called “passkey”. I have checked multiple times.

This field is only viewable in an entry, after you created a passkey in/for this entry via the browser extension.

I have now created a passkey on my mac and stored it successfully in my Bitwarden. When I try to login for example into Paypal it works like a charm on Mac with Safari. I tried login in with my Windows PC which also has the extention installed and I can see that the passkey is present in the Bitwarden extention in Firefox, however Bitwarden does not prompt me for the Passkey when im on my Windows. Everything was up to date and synced, so I was just wondering if the integration was only for Mac, IOS, and Android devices?

Just an answer to your last sentence: No, it’s also for Windows. So, in theory, it should work. :thinking:

PS: But: PayPal seems to be complicated at the moment (because it has some conditions for passkey-usage) - maybe that is why it doesn’t work. (best visit the PayPal help page for passkeys in your region for more info) - Does it work with other passkeys?

Was trying to store a passkey with CVS/health ( When it asked to create one, I was informed that it’s not supported.