Adding passkey to these forums - can I select phone or Bitwarden mobile app?

So I would like to add a passkey to permit login to these Bitwarden forums.

Using my phone’s browser (Brave), if I go into the Account Preferences and select the Security tab, then click Add passkey, will it create a passcode on the phone, or will it add it to my Bitwarden vault (i.e. will it display the BW mini toolbar button and have me open the app, and add the passkey to this site’s record in my vault)?

I’d rather the passkey end up in my BW vault, rather than the phone (where it’ll go into Google’s password manager).

Hope I explained that clearly. I’m just starting down the passkey journey and still need to really understand how this all works.

Thank you.

I’m very new to Bitwarden, but as far as I understand there is no support for passkeys on mobile yet, but it is in development right now. I tried to find where passkeys are supported for Bitwarden in their documentation just now but somehow failed.

At least I found that it says “Passkey support is planned for mobile devices in a future release.” here: Passwordless Future: A Comprehensive Passkeys FAQ | Bitwarden Resources

EDIT: The road map is here: Bitwarden Roadmap

I just went in and added it via the browser extension.

Yeah I am still not sure (and I think you are right, @jjohnsson about the mobile app not being able to create passkeys yet) just where the keys will go to, depending on circumstances.

I don’t know how the implementation will end up. I think you will be given the choice where to save it, in the phone, in the built in password manager or in Bitwarden or any other location that might be available. But I don’t have any information about this so it’s purely speculation.