Add Passkey after created

Is it possible to add a passkey after it has been created on a particular site to the Bitwarden vault? If so, how??
Thank you!!

I don’t think so. The only exception I can imagine, is the passkey being part of an import. But that’s not for today. See the question about import/export in this FAQ: Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center

Thanks for the help. It seemed to me too!! But, by the way, when you save a passkey in the vault when it is created, it is only saved in the application, and never on the device, right?? If I ever stop using Bitwarden for any reason, I will no longer have access to the site!??

Technically, when you save it in the vault, it is saved in the vault and not in the application itself. Theoretically you could access that passkey with every Bitwarden app (as far as it is supported at the moment).

And no, it is not stored on the device then. It is an “either or” (either Bitwarden or device). I think a passkey can only be stored in one location, which is part of the security of it. (but a stored passkey can be a synced passkey, which is the case for Bitwarden and every other password manager)

  1. Before you suddenly stop using Bitwarden, you could login with that passkey, delete it on both sides (the service and in Bitwarden) and create a new passkey, outside of Bitwarden.

  2. In most services, I think, you can login now (with or without the passkey in Bitwarden) and create another passkey and store it in another “wallet”/password-manager or device. Most services allow the creation of multiple passkeys. (and I reckon, the services that don’t do that right now, will change that over time)