Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

The ability to generate a password via a shortcut would be great (Ctrl+G for example). Even if it simply launched the Generator tab.

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My biggest issue is just being able to auto-fill when locked. Excuse me if this particular shortcut workflow was discussed here, but I didn’t see it in the replies.

So, here’s the thing, I unlock with a PIN, and have it auto lock after 5 minutes. While the vault is unlocked, Ctrl+Shit+L works wonders to just autofill. But when it is locked, I have to click on the extension, type my pin, click the login to autofill, escape out of the extension and then click enter. Here’s my idea for how Ctrl+Shit+L should work when locked:

  1. Open a login page
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+L
  3. Extension window pops up asking for password/PIN
  4. You type password/PIN, press enter and the extension closes and autofills automatically.

THis would make it being secure (locked) a lot more convenient.

We really shouldn’t try to bind over Ctrl+C.

Why not? KeePass does it without any issues.

I don’t care what the keyboard shortcut is as long as it’s there.
Lastpass: cmd+shift+L brings up an “apple spotlight” like search, I start typing an entry to search from, then cmd+c to copy password or cmd+shift+c to copy username. It only works while it’s unlocked. If it is locked, it’ll prompt to unlock.

Please make it happen. I very much like this app over lastpass or others.

I’m trying out BitWarden right now because LastPass’s global search interface is buggy, and takes ~10-30 seconds to copy the password to the clipboard.

If BitWarden doesn’t have this basic functionality, I guess I’m going back to LastPass. Or maybe submitting a pull request…

Any word from the team on this one? Using and enjoying BitWarden, just paid for premium, but definitely feel like this is a popular issue that’s almost two years old, and makes me wonder if Bitwarden is the right choice / if user feedback is being listened to?

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Hope this one is soon implemented as well with TouchID support. Pretty basic features I would say, topics from 2018, worrying that no active development is taking place.

Hope it will support to fill generated password directly by context menu or hotkey.

I think this would be the way to go. I’m too an old Lastpass user missing the keyboard sortcuts on Firefox.

I saw this on the github issue linked above and I feel this sounds quite straight forward and simple…

You could make replace the “enter” key to open the url instead of viewing the entry and use the mouse to for editing/viewing. I also suggest the extension automatically highlighting the first entry when searching as well to limit the number of times you have to hit tab

In general it is such an essential feature- why does this take more than 2 years to be addressed?


As a user of Bitwarden, I want to be able to quickly and easily access my credential information to enable to me to make best use of the solution.

Currently when using the Bitwarden application, it requires a lot of mouse movement which hinders the adoption of the Bitwarden application. My current workflow with KeePassXC makes strong use of their defined shortcuts to do the following:

  • Copy Username
  • Copy Password
  • Copy URL
  • Copy TOTP

Developing this feature will make it possible for me to adopt Bitwarden. This also impacts those who rely solely upon the keyboard such as those who use accessibility tools that effectively cannot use the mouse as a viable option.


  • Limited to the above 4 actions (copy data from the vault to the clipboard via keyboard shortcuts)
  • Shortcuts are not user-defined (statically defined only)

This is similar to issue #76 however it is scoped significantly smaller and that issue did not include in the description shortcuts for accessing data, mostly navigation instead.

Essential! I’m loving Bitwarden, but we need keyboard shortcuts before this can become my tool of choice. <3

Here are some examples that are quite common for actions besides copying credentials:

  • Cmd + Backspace = Delete current entry
  • Cmd + E = Edit current entry
  • Cmd + S = Save current entry (in edit screen)

Any update on this? It’s been almost a year since this discussion was created, and it’s still not possible to use the Bitwaren desktop app with a keyboard, nor the browser extension. This isn’t just accessibility, this is basic functionality. It should be possible to navigate, copy and edit information using the keyboard.

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I would love a keyboard shortcut to switch to “Favourites”!

I’m a new Bitwarden user. Like the entry level paid package. Only thing that is very disappointing is the lack of these basic keyboard shortcuts on the MacOS app as well as TouchID.

Hope we don’t have to wait another year for these features which many of the other password vaults have.

Hey folks - we actually do have these on the roadmap. I don’t have an ETA but I can tell you that shortcuts, cycling through logins and biometrics are very high on the TODO list.


When it comes to shortcuts what I’m missing the most is to have a quick auto-fill the last used account when I have the auto-lock feature turned on.

Now, I know that you can usually use the Ctrl + Shift + L combination to do this. But when Bitwarden is locked, it doesn’t do anything.

I think it would be nice if in this case the extension would open, ask for the pin, and when that’s filled, the inputs would fill out too, and the extension would close itself.

Right now this requires too many steps, especially if someone doesn’t really want to use their mouse all the time.

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Version 1.17.0 has been published and there is now a keyboard shortcut for:
copying the username: CMD+U
copying the password: CMD+P

I’m not someone in favour plugins in browsers that access password vaults, so for me this is a great improvement.

Only missing bit for me is Touch ID support.


I agree! I just noticed this release and the addition of those features this morning and thanks to all that helped provide this!! :smiley:

Definitely a great plus to the app.