Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation



All I am missing once I toggle search is the ability to navigate and press Enter to launch the site. At the moment (FF version) you can Ctrl+Shift+U to search then use tab to select a result. Pressing enter shows the overview. If it launched the site by default instead that would fill my need. Or provide some alternative means of launching via keyboard only input.


I’ll name my first born after you if you implement this!

Overlay popup interface

Is this feature request for the desktop app only? I would prefer same/similar shortcuts for all apps, including the extensions.

For example, I’m missing a shortcut for locking/unlocking the vault conveniently. The (Windows) desktop app provides it but the (Firefox) browser extension does not.


+1. Just joined from LastPass. Keyboard shortcuts are very limited in comparison. Being able to achieve the most common tasks on the keyboard is really a basic\MVP feature.

For example, there is no way of copying Secure Notes using the keyboard. I can Ctrl-Shift-Y, type the note, tab to the one I want, but then I’m stuck. I have to switch to mouse to actually perform the copy. I used to do this all the time using LP, so it is a big loss of productivity. I’d suggest adding a new keyboard shortcut that copies. Alternatively, as others have suggested, repurpose the enter key, which is better used to perform the copy than open the Edit page, since copying the contents of an item is far more common than editing. Enter is the shortcut LP uses.

Of secondary importance: arrow keys would be better than tab to navigate to the desired item. Most of the time, people want to access the contents of secrets, not create one. Currently, tabbing cycles through the add\plus button, so is an extra key press before the first one is highlighted.


I have created GitHub issue #921 for this.


This Github issue has been closed because GitHub issues for new features are not allowed. Is this on the roadmap? How can we tell?

Feature requests in this forum have no associated Github issue, so no link with the actual product development in terms of commits\PRs. Hence there are no real progress updates in this Feature Request. It can be open forever without any status changes and feedback to users.

GitHub issues can get version milestones and visibility on the product roadmap. Feature requests in this forum do not.

Github issues can go stale after inactivity. Feature requests in a forum do not. Too many GitHub issues that go stale look bad reputationally for the project and encourage regular updates. Too many feature requests remain open for years? Meh, who cares? I expect this is an unfair exaggeration of the attitude in this project, but the jist of this point holds.

IMO, should be both. As now, users should request features in this forum using their language (not always precise enough), then devs\admins create one or more associated GitHub issues with the necessary precision and post links to these in the forum Feature Request. Creation of a GitHub issue shows that the devs do actually give a sh!t and intend to do something about it. Other FOSS projects, eg RockStor work well with this setup.

It’s not enough for project leadership to promise they’ll keep an eye on a forum. Meaningful feedback via GitHub issues is also necessary. They serve different purposes and types of people, but both are needed.


At the time that the switch-over from GitHub issues to the Feature Requests forum was made I gave the benefit of the doubt to @kspearrin, since I could see a lot of repetition and no easy way to float the most popular ideas up for action. I contributed to many feature request threads.

But I have to say that I don’t feel the same sense of “momentum” in this project that I did last year. From the GitHub release history** for the browser extension, it appears that it’s been primarily bugfixes since Dec/Jan. Bugfixes are certainly welcome but as a paying customer I do think there should be a visible roadmap that gives me an idea when new features can be expected.

Are keyboard shortcuts even on the radar??

** would love a more accessible “change log”, ideally linked from within the app itself…a bit funny (read: disappointing) that I had to make this a feature request being voted on in itself.


I would like to see this as well; it’s pretty low-hanging fruit as far as new features go—easy to implement and would greatly improve UX.


I would like basic keyboard shortcuts in the windows app as well. Tabbing to fields is fine for many use cases, like searching and navigating results, but going from a result to the copy password icon can take a long time if there are many search hits. Even just providing only arrow key (or h, l) for horizontal navigation across the vertical panels of the app (from items, to search results, to item information…) would satisfy my primary need.