Add Shortcut to manually lock vault

Feature name

  • Shortcut to lock vault manually

Feature function

  • It will give you control when the vault is locked (in addition to the timeout function)
  • You don’t have to go into settings to lock the vault

Related topics + references

  • As most operating systems have a shortcut to lock the screen, it would be nice to also have an option to lock your vault manually with a shortcut.
  • Sometimes when we work on a project, we leave our notebooks unlocked, as we need to access our files quickly, but don’t need the vault to be open the whole time.
  • The timeout function doesn’t quite get that feature, because I also have times when I need to access my passwords very frequently, so the vault has to stay open, until I lock it
  • It would complement other feature requests like this one for the desktop app (Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation)

I already experimented on the code a bit, and it doesn’t seem to hard to do (Got a working solution for me, but that doesn’t guarantee code quality :laughing:)

If you’ve already got a working POC, feel free to start a post in the GitHub contribution category before doing your PR.

If your POC can be accomplished for the Desktop and Browser clients then we could possibly merge it :grin:


+1 for this feature!

absolutely +1 for this feature.

In the Browser shortcut, I would like it on the main screen, maybe beside the icons for My Vault, Send, Generator, Settings. Thanks