URI Blacklist for Credentials

Add an option to “Blacklist” one or more credentials for the current site/app, in order for it not to be in the suggested auto-fill , I have 3 credentials in my organization using the same username (its not my choice) but different passwords, all 3 of different websites inside the same organization, yet all 3 keep being suggested in all 3 websites even thou they arent the same.

This sounds like the URI matching may be off a bit. You may be able to adjust the matching (perhaps to “exact”) and it should fix the issue.

We do have a community member working on preventing auto fill for specific items as well, though that may not be what is needed here.

I tried each URI matching option , changing it to ‘server’ solved the problem in this credential, but them all my other credentials does not offer autofill, the other options none worked.

I noticed that on Android P, there is an option for blacklisting URIs within the app but when I checked the same version of the app on Android Nougat, I couldn’t find this blacklisting feature in the settings.