2FA problems / different time


i just installed a self-hosted bitwarden docker container. everything looks fine except of my 2FA. 2FA with email also works great. but with my totp-app i’ve got the problem that i have two different times. when i have a look at my vaultwarden-admin diagnostics i see server time and browser time.

i don’t get it why browser time is 2h before. i tried already ms edge and firefox. my system (windows 11) time is the same as the server time. so i don’t understand why the browser works with a different time.

does anyone know this problem?


Hello @alex7 and welcome,

If you are running Vaultwarden they do ask you report any specific Vaultwarden server issues directly via their support channels and only use the Official support if the issue is with the clients or the upstream project.

Most likely it seems like it may be a configuration issue with your server and the docker containers.
For further assistance and support on this specific issue please feel free to reach out to us directly at the Vaultwarden community forums and hopefully someone there can assist.

Could very easily be an issue with your main system time, or a TZ environment variable for your docker containers.
Hopefully should be a quick and easy fix, see you there :slight_smile: