2FA Codes Out Of Sync (invald code)

So i just added the bitwarden extension to my firefox browser on my laptop and the 2fa codes are wrong, I then noticed they are out of sync with my phone. All the 2fa codes on my laptop are incorrect and all the codes on my phone are correct. Anyone know any fixes?

Is the time of your device correct? Errors can occur when the device time is incorrect.


oh it’s based off that… anyway thanks for the solution

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It’s best to set up your router as a time server, which your devices check the time with a few times a day, and have the router check the time with an online source once or twice a day. Clocks can drift and if they are 30 seconds out then that may well cause problems.

TOTP does have ways of overcoming minor differences in clock times. This means that the last code may still be accepted, as well as the current one. Whether this is the case or not depends on the site settings, some are stricter than others.

With this setup you can display the codes on phones, computers and so on and they will change pretty much in step. There may be as much as a second between the first to change and the last, though it is often less.


If you have set your device time manually, then the 2FA code may be out of sync. It’s best to connect to a time server. The slightest change in the device time can cause various issues.

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