2fa not working on PC

I have a big problem on my PC. On every Browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox or PC APP) the 2fa Code what i get not work. On my Smartphone is working fine but on my PC. I have update my PC App to the latest Bitwarden-Portable-1.31.3 an on my Browser the latest is 1.55.0. I dont know why is not work on my PC. My Windows 11 is very new, make it yesterday fresg with clean install.

Check the system time and date on your PC to see if it is out of sync. That is a very common cause.

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i have the same issue. I am using Win 10 and Chrome and I do not get any 2FA codes anymore. Have to turn to my app to get them. System time is correct.

It did work until a few days maybe a week ago.

Just a guess, but this might be the issue:

I logged out and in again and it seems to work for now.