2FA codes generating differently in mobile app/desktop app/browser plugin

As of today my 2FA codes are generating differently in the desktop app/mobile app/browser plugin.

The desktop app and browser plugin both generate incorrect codes, whilst the mobile app generates the correct code.

Has anyone else experienced this? In my opinion this is totally unacceptable, I have been happy with Bitwarden up until this point however I will now be considering other options.

Are you sure your desktop time/date are correct? The 2FA codes are time-based so if your computer is off by more than a few seconds (certainly if >30s) it can cause issues. The way the mobile app is working and both desktop app and browser plugin are having issues would suggest to me a time issue on the desktop (I remember I had a similar issue when the time had drifted slightly on my NAS!)

Also check your time zone. This is NOT Bitwarden’s fault. If you would use different TOTP-apps you would encounter the same issue till you have fixed it on your side.

Just noticed your user name. Not nice at all.


I fixed the username :wink:

Closing thread because this has been covered many times previously.