TOTP codes different in browser extension and Android app

I’m pretty new to Bitwarden, having come over post-LastPass shenanigans. Previously I’ve used Authy for 2FA codes, but I like the idea of being able to copy the codes within my browser, rather than pulling out my phone to type them in.

For some reason, codes are different in my Chrome extension than they are in my Android app, for the exact same website. The Chrome extension’s code will fail if put into the website, but if I manually enter the code from the Android app, it’s fine. Somehow the same TOTP info is producing different codes in different places.

Thanks in advance for any help you may have.

Check the clock on the device that is running the Chrome extension. If the clock is not set accurately, the generated codes will be incorrect.

Almost certainly the clock. You could observe the codes presented by Authy vs from inside BW and watch them side by side. If one or the other codes switches to the code you saw a minute ago on the alternate TOTP source you will then observe a confirmed “time” issue. Just for fun.

If the time is WAY off the above won’t work, LOL!

Oh my goodness…I never noticed my computer was TWO MINUTES faster than my phone. Thank you both so much!