2022.12.0 Browser Extension UI Changes (feedback thread)

Why has the password panel been increased in size … When it pops up to click on to log in it was nice and compact. Now its twice the size. Who on earth thought this was a good idea. At least provide an option to have the smaller one back. Completely pointless change for changes sake.


I am not at all a fan of this redesign of the browser extension. At first glance, there is much less visible information in the window than before. Fewer entries are visible (login data, credit cards etc.). There is also less information visible within the entries. e.g. login data with longer names, not all characters are visible. A clear step backwards, unfortunately.

@Casjen If you meant something else, please excuse me for misusing your thread for my concern.


Totally agree, what a mess of an update!

terrible. please revert to the old style.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, there has been a longstanding/widespread community request for the UI to receive visual updates, and the team will look at balancing this with vault and search result functionality etc… the concept of a toggle for compact mode has been passed along to the team.


I have not seen this in the time since I’ve been on the forum — can you point to a specific Feature Request thread, so that those who support a more functional UI know approximately how many votes would be required to make the case that the proportion of the community who preferring style over substance is actually in the minority?


Hey @grb , the visual overhaul is most often requested on a regular basis through app store reviews, social commentary, support requests etc… rest assured, the feedback has been passed along to the team for consideration.


@dwbitw To be clear, I have seen plenty of requests on the forum about UI improvements, but these have all been requests to improve functionality (e.g., placement of icons and buttons, consistency of UX in different views of the extension, ability to resize the browser extension window, etc.), hardly ever about visual appearance (in such cases, the requests have been primarily related to color scheme preferences).

It would be nice of major changes to UI/UX could be previewed by the community for feedback before implementation work begins. I think you will find that most users will prioritize functionality over appearance (not to say that the visual design can’t be refreshed from time to time, but not at the expense of lost functionality).


Thanks for the feedback grb, the visual changes are in alignment with modern design standards.

The requests I mentioned above are specifically related to a visual overhaul, and not functionality related. Regarding community previews, I’ll share your feedback with the team :+1:

The team will continue to collect and review feedback.

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Terrible update. Way too large a display. Please give us a choice to go back to the compact display. This is close to a deal-killer for me.


This is exactly my issue as well. Can we please have a compact/cozy slider similar to gmail? This makes the manager far less usable for me :frowning:


Just chiming in on this.

While I actually like this new modern style, it’s difficult on Safari since the extension panel still is almost square in size. I don’t know if this is/was a Safari problem, but the additional white space makes it rather confusing.

On Firefox the BW panel is twice as high, I don’t mind the new style there.

I like the new UI. Here and there you can reduce some internal spacing, but the design itself I find really good. Thank you @dwbit and Team!

@grb fyi UI refresh of the desktop application :wink:


Chiming in to say I too hate this new UI, so much wasted space and unnecessary scrolling to see everything now. Please revert it back or provide a toggle for a compact mode.


Already been stated multiple times but I must reiterate: It is unacceptable to force design choices like this upon users, without at least providing a “revert to compact mode” option in the settings. Design standards are one thing, but the lack of choice for your power users only services to upset and potentially push those users away from your service.

Please expedite the implementation of a compact mode, to provide at minimum the previous UI size.

Below are screenshots of the difference in sizes:

Thanks for the feedback @Protechted the team is reviewing all the feedback, including the suggestions provided.

Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this. What was the purpose of updating the login flow to split the username and password into separate pages? In the past, one could hit ctrl+shift+L to bring up the login page and just start typing their master password. In other words, the previous flow was

  1. ctrl+shift+L
  2. type master password

Now, the flow is

  1. ctrl+shift+L
  2. tab
  3. tab
  4. enter
  5. type master password

Hey @injerto thanks for the feedback, splitting it out provides support for additional login functionality such as mobile login approvals. We can discuss further in a new/separate thread.

Just adding my 0.02 cents for the previous layout. Please bring it back or make it an option.

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