Write/Change password to a personal Bitwarden Enterprise vault using API

Feature name

  • Currently Bitwarden is a bit lacking on the restfull API side.
  • Being able to create or set/change passwords on the personal vaults of users using the API.
  • We are using an application that generates random temporary passwords for users within the company and instead of sending them out through email or SMS we would like to leverage bitwarden and write them directly to their personal Bitwarden vault. Bitwarden would be an ideal “secure channel” to provide these secrets to users.

Feature function

  • Write secrets directly to personal vaults
  • Offer a way to push secrets to personal vaults securely

Hello @brolifen and welcome to the community,

I can see where this type of automation would be beneficial especially with the assistance of an API.

Currently Bitwarden does have a secure Send which allows to easily share text and file information in an end-to-end encrypted manner.

The roadmap also indicates has an upcoming feature called Vault Item Sharing, which as I understand will allow one to easily create a Send from items within the individual vault, as well as easily share these items to others to import directly to their vault.

So these may work for what you are looking for, although not directly but coiod most likely be set up with a few scripts as well to achieve the same thing.

Hi Kent,

I’m familiar with the secure Send feature but this is a different use case. In fact it would be cool to have a secure send directly to a bitwarden vault rather than generate a link you need to share. This would bring it closer to the proposed use case without even needing access to the vault in question to edit it. All the recipient would need is a bitwarden vault, no email required.

Got it, thanks for the additional details :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not as an argument but here’s an example of the competition:

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