API for non organisation account

Hi Everyone,

I have a personal account on Bitwarden, and I want to automate a few things using API for example: creating a folder or getting data from a folder. I tried to find out the API, but I see API only available for organizational accounts [1], not for personal accounts. Could someone help me if we retrieve/create objects in a personal account using API?

I am able to retrieve data using bitwarden CLI, but I want use API directly.

[1]: Bitwarden Public API | Bitwarden Help & Support

Thanks in advance!

Hello @mayank - welcome!

To answer your question, you cannot use the BW API to manage your vault contents. Here is a direct quote from the API documentation:

For management of Vault items , use the CLI. Access to Vault items relies on Vault decryption, which must be done with a Master Password.

The API is meant for managing organizational info/metadata, such as collections, groups, event logs, and policies. These are items that don’t even apply to personal vaults, unfortunately.