Windows Desktop App - can't switch to self-hosted URL

It is all started with FF plugin - to setup biometrics unlock. It said that desktop app is required so I downloaded and installed latest version , connected it successfully to my server , set up browser integrtion and Hello fingerprints and kept it running. But when I tick Unlock with biometrics in FF extension, it kept asking me to start desktop app ( even though it was up and running) so I started to google and found a tip to start over - uninstall desktop app etc. So i did it - uninstalled and then installed Desktop app but this time encountered different issue - app does not want to switch to my server URL anymore: I specify my URL in a prompt popup window, save it , but on the login page it still points to
Has anyone see this behavior and know the workaround? It looks like I have some leftovers from a preious install but I could not find them in my system.
I have Windows 11.

Well it is embarassing- I started over - closed FF, reinstalled Bitwarden app and it happily accepted my self hosted URL this time. Then I set up biometrics, started FF , open extension settings and tick Unlock with Biometrics and it swallowed it without hiccups. Go figure…
The only possible difference in desktop app setup was that I selected “install for all users” the time when it did not work, but I’m not 100% sure.