Why does BW offer to fill a password with a non-matching URI?

I am trying to login to my protonmail account at Sign in | Proton Account - Access Proton Mail, Drive, and more

BW finds 4 matches, and the first one has this URI: Proton Mail with Base domain URI matching. How does this match the URL I am visiting?

There is only one URI listed for the matching item, so somehow BW determines that protonmail.com matches proton.me. How does this work?

Does BW somewhere maintain a table of aliases, establishing proton.me as an alias of protonmail.com? Something else I don’t know?

Hello @ygramoel

It seems very odd I was unable to find anything in the Bitwarden help site about this, I believe there used to be.

In the Bitwarden web-vault, under Account Settings → Domain Rules, you should see “Custom Equivalent Domains”, and “Global Equivalent Domains”.
There is shows proton.me, protonmail.com, protonvpn.com are all considered to be globally equivalent domains.

Hope this helps, :smiley: