Bitwarden creates addition login items for same domain

As a example. I have a login. But if I try to logon to the kindle app or the Amazon app it does recognize that these are part of Amazon. I have to cut and paste my password. Then Bitwarden asks if I want to add it. It does but with an odd URI. Either or (for alexa) or for the Amazon store app.
Is this normal?

I noticed that I can add additional URIs. Is that something the I will just have to do with Bitwarden?

I am coming from Lastpass which had no problem with having one login item for all.
Ha, no problem with that, just their security.

Thanks all

You have two options to deal with this in Bitwarden:

  1. When you go to a site that is not recognized, but shares credentials with an existing login item, go to the browser extension and open the item that should have matched this site. Then scroll to the bottom of the item info, and click the button Auto-fill and Save.

  2. If you already have a list of URIs that should use a shared set of credentials, then log in to the web vault, go to “Account Settings” (by clicking the avatar icon) and then select Domain Rules in the left-hand navigation menu. There, you can create a “Custom Equivalent Domain” list, or you can customize one of the pre-defined “Global Equivalent Domains” (for example, there is a predefined list for amazon sites, which you can customize to add androidapp://, etc.).

Thanks! I will try that next time.

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