When importing vault items, set their Created and/or Updated dates based on the imported data

When vault items are imported, they simply get the current date/time set for both Created and Updated properties. Some imported data may contain real values for these that should be preserved, however. For example, 1Password’s 1pux format [1] includes createdAt and updatedAt attributes in the export. These values should be used to set Bitwarden’s Created and Updated fields, respectively. Other export formats may also provide this data in some form, and it should be used when available.

Setting these values for users importing data from other systems allows the user to keep track of how old their logins are, for example. This would be useful when sorting items in the UI [2]. This can be useful in a couple of ways that come to mind, but I’m sure there are others as well:

  • to decide whether a password should be changed (e.g. if it has not be modified for a certain length of time)
  • to determine how long an account has been in use


  1. 1Password 1pux export format
  2. Feature request for sorting items
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