Import data (Firefox (csv)) not using "timePasswordChanged" field

Bug report

In web app, upon Importing credentials from Firefox (csv) “timePasswordChanged” field not used.
Resulting Items in Vault “Update” date using the date when import process happened and not the original time (from the .csv) when a login changed.


This date and time are important to know how old it is. Maybe needed to change. Or if there is multiple instances which one is the newer.

Steps to reproduce

In Firefox > about:logins > upper right corner three dots menu > Export logins… > created logins.csv file
In Vaultwarden web vault > Tools menu > Import data > Firefox (csv) > Import data

Expected behaviour

In My vault > Item > “Updated:” time use the time when last changed (from logins.csv “timePasswordChanged” field)

Actual behaviour

In My vault > Item > “Updated:” time now showing the time when import taken.