When importing into bitwarden, all URLs are in lower case

I tried to import from LastPass, KeePass, 1Password 4 to bitwarden, but the URL (URI) is in lower case.

You do not have to worry about processing the same page at a regular site, but the financial system, especially the bank, treats it as a separate page and causes a 404 error.
The username and password are of course correct.
The following URL is an example of a bank that is treated as another page in lower case.
Banks other than Japan only know HSBC …

Supplement: There are some that change only one character and treat it as another page, and there are patterns and patterns that can not be treated as another page unless all is lowercased.
Banks in other countries do not know except HSBC, and not all banks use separate pages.
It may be strange words by Google translation, but thank you. (*゚▽゚)

Postscript: I’m sorry, HSBC seems to be treated as “out of session” as it is.
Please exclude HSBC as an example.
It became only a Japanese bank …