What's the right way to create an entry

Ok, this is now a peeve hate issue for me as I’ve been using bitwarden for several years now and surely there got to be a better way. I use Firefox

I’ve used two ways for creating an entry:

  1. Via contextual menu.
    So here I wanted to create an account on this forum.
    I enter my username
    get to the password field, right click, select Bitwarden, “Generate Password (copied)”. Now I have to paste the password in the field. Validate.
    And now I must create the entry manually, I’m not prompted with a message such as “Wanna store that password”? like you sometimes see.
    LastPass made this process much simpler, and goes one step further: it stores all generated password and for which site it was generated. So even if you make the mistake of overriding the clipboard, there’s a way to retrieve the password.

More than once I’ve generated a password it bitwarden only to shortly after have to follow the site steps to recover a lost password.

  1. Using the bitwarden icon in the menu bar.
    Click on the bitwarden logo, select add a login. I can generate a password there, but more often than not, that generated password isn’t copied back into the site where you’re creating your account.
    I’ve found myself to always generate the password and copy it into the clipboard and only then paste the password. I just don’t find find bitwarden reliable enough to properly copy the username/password entries back into the site.

Copy / Paste of the password is almost always required which is less than ideal

Have you tried the flow that is described in this video? https://bitwarden.com/browser-start/

It seems like that might be what you are describing in point 2, but I am not sure.