Improve workflow: show created Item after adding

When creating a new password for a website or app on the phone, the workflow is like this currently:

  1. Open Bitwarden
  2. Click “Add Item”
  3. Enter Name and Username
  4. Generate Password + Select
  5. Save item
  6. Click on “search”
  7. Enter Name
  8. Open the Item just created
  9. Click the “copy password” button
  10. Switch application and paste the password into the website/app

By opening the new Item instead of going back to the main overview screen, steps 6, 7 and 8 could be avoided. Making the workflow much smoother for mobile password generation.

While on the password generator screen, why not just click Copy Password before Select? Then you don’t need to find the item again.

Because when I do that, and then for some reason the app crashes or something then the password is lost. I’d rather save the entry before using the password…

I still don’t see the problem. You copy the password before hitting Select (the password generator page is still open after copy), then save the entry. Then you can go to the page and the password is in the clipboard ready to paste. Just saves the extra steps, which is your stated intent.

Good point, honestly didn’t think of that, :grin:

Right, but every other password manager I’ve used will save the state if the app is left, allowing users to bounce between manager and an app/site while creating a new entry. Unless there is a security reason not to do this, it should be allowed.

Use case: creating a login with password restrictions. Generate password, paste in site, rejected, generate new password, paste in site, rejected … … account creation, save in Bitwarden.

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