Website icons - turn off option - still makes queries to CDN on new devices?

When you login on a new device (or new browser, OS, etc), option of turning off website icons is blank/default for that device, instead of being loaded from profile. Immediately after login it displays all your logins with all the icons, making web-queries in process. I would like to be either: 1) turn off this option before app makes a bunch of unwanted queries with my private info, or 2) load this option from online profile instead of it being local-only.
The main reason I decided to switch to BitWarden is URL encryption, so this is very concerning for me.

iMouse, please read

Problem still persist. Just had a new device, and bitwarden STILL leaked all my URL domains to a third party, even though I turned icons off in other device. Settings being local-only are a real problem, every time I add a new device it will continue to leak.