Don't show icons

How many of us are okay with ?

In bitwarden website’s vault
Show web logins’s icons is being turned on each time, I unlock it
[as long as, BitWarden is not providing some good icons options, I decided to turn -off this option]
Anyway, just to mention: I am just unlocking it, not clearing web data and re-logging in.
This thing is not happening in pc’s app, android app and not even in extension, but only in Website’s vault.


Let me ask you some basic questions first, just to make sure we are on the same page. You went to the preference page, clicked off the “Show website icon option”, and clicked “Save”, right?

Have you tried with other web browsers?

I tried this on FF 115ESR, and turning the option off persists across both log-out and locking. The only way to turn this on outside of Bitwarden is to clear the cookies for the domain. Do you have extensions that clear the cookies periodically (not likely, but hey)? Do you restrict cookie creation?

Hey there
Thanks for the reply, first of all

Neither I was using any cookies’ clearing settings, extension; nor I am using now.
I even tried, turning brave’s shield off and tried in Microsoft edge too
and I proactively checked that cookies were being stored [if not usually, which is not the case]

So tell me what else could I do wrong