WebAuth stopped working with yubikey

About 2 days ago I noticed that I cannot login to my Vault, case every time I try to confirm with my yubikey I get error like this: “WebAuthError: NotAllowedError: The operation neither timed out or was not allowed. See: Web Authentication: An API for accessing Public Key Credentials - Level 2
I tried using Brave extension, Edge extension and Desktop App. Neither allow me to log in. I use Windows 10 20H2. Any clues?

Is this self-hosted by chance?

I’ve just figure out that my spare yubikey works. I can’t login using my first one. I can add it to two-step login under ‘yubikeys’ but cannot add it to webauth where both keys were migrated?. What’s going on?

We’re working on adding support for hardware keys and some of those services were updated. Are both your keys the same type/model? if not, could you let us know which one works and which doesn’t?

This one works → https://resources.yubico.com/53ZDUYE6/as/q4bsft-z2wi8-4m1cae/Security_Key_Series_Product_Brief.pdf

This one doesn’t → YubiKey 4 – Yubico


Just confirming, you were not able to remove the one that doesn’t work, and re-add it?

If not, please send a request over to bitwarden.com/contact and our wonderful CS team can help troubleshoot further.

Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake - I deactivated FIDO functionality on my first key trying to configure smartcard. Reenabling make it work again. Anyway, thanks for your replies. Best regards.