OT: Not strictly Bitwarden - multiple FIDO2 WebAuthn methods

I was attempting to set up a Yubikey (FIDO2 WebAuthn) for my Bitwarden vault but ran into an issue.
Instead of prompting for the Yubikey during the initial setup, the response popped up on my phone via the Akamai MFA app (which we use at my work).

I suspect that the Akamai MFA browser plugin in intercepting the authentication and sends it to the paired phone with the Akamai MFA app. I can’t really stop using the plugin or the phone app since it is used heavily at my work. For now, I’ve just configured the Yubikey to use OTP for Bitwarden and that seems to work fine.

I also noticed a similar situation with conflicting authentication methods when trying to set up the Yubikey for my Google account. In that case, it conflicted with the built-in Titan authentication with my phone. I probably could disable the built-in Google authentication and try again, but it was late and I didn’t really feel like locking myself out of my Google account. :grinning:

I’m just curious if others have run into issues like this and what their workarounds were.
For now, I’ll stick with Yubikey OTP to secure my Bitwarden vault, but it would be interesting to try and get FIDO2 setup.

I ran into a similar issue with setting up a Yubikey with Dropbox. My Brave browser was intercepting to set up a biometric passkey. I erased the passkey credential in Brave. When I then re-enrolleed the Yubikey, I had to reject the Brave prompt, which then allowed me to save the Yubikey.