Anyone else having trouble using Yubikey for 2FA?

…or is it just me? When I try to use a recent Yubikey 4 to set up two-factor authentication using the Bitwarden web vault, it claims the key is ‘invalid’ and won’t accept it.

It’s proven to be valid on every other service I’ve tried, so I don’t think it’s the key…

I filed a ticket with customer service, though was curious whether anyone else had seen this, or whether it’s ‘just me’.

  • Paul

Customer support to the rescue - this particular Yubikey had been reconfigured and slot #1 was no longer set up for ‘Yubikey OTP’.

Everything is happy now that I used the Yubikey Personalization Tool to reconfigure Slot #1 back to ‘Yubikey OTP’

I had this same issue. I couldn’t get it to work but I did figure out that you can register as FIDO rather than Yubikey option which I think is better.