Visualize Cycling through Multiple Logins

Visualize Cycling through Multiple Logins

Currently you can keep pressing cmd+shift+L to cycle through multiple logins on a site. Sometimes it is not clear from the username which account you are accessing. I know this sounds weird, but for example logging into AWS I have multiple accounts with the same username (my email) but different Account IDs. Ideally Bitwarden would also fill in the Account ID, but at least if they would show the name of the password entry as it fills in I would know which account this is for. Currently my workaround is just to memorize how many cycles it takes to get to which login or activate the extension and click the correct entry. The visualization could simply be text on a white rounded rectangle showing the name that disappears after a second or two. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Hello @jonmcclung and welcome to the Community!

I have a similar problem because I use generated usernames and autonomous emails. It would help me a lot if I could see the Name of the login entry. That is always unique for me.

Can you use Custom Fields to automatically fill-in Account IDs?

Custom fields looks like that would work! I would still like the other part of the request though.

This is loosely related to Cycle through logins alphabetically (Browser extension)

It would be immensely helpful to see a tooltip-style or otherwise floating UI element that displayed the following info when cycling logins:

  • Bookmark name
  • Next Bookmark name (or maybe the next two if you’re pressing the keys quickly)
  • Maybe to address the OPs request, an optional Custom Field value to help identify the account