Cycle through logins alphabetically (Browser extension)

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I have about 30 saved Microsoft 365 logins (I manage a bunch of tenants there). The “cycle thru logins” feature is great when there are a few sites, but it’s sort of useless when there are dozens. It’s a trip to the dreaded mouse.

It seems that Bitwarden is either randomly cycling through the logins, or perhaps sorting by “most recently used”. Neither of these are predictable.

I propose that it should at least be an option to cycle alphabetically.

DITTO Coming from LP, this is sorely missed, the ability to sort is a HUGE time-saver. Bit gobsmacked, as excellent as BW is, this feature is not present?

Following up here- is this being considered? Currently it is a major pain point for sites like Google / M365 where I have dozens of saved logins. Makes the keyboard shortcut essentially a game of whack a mole where I test my reflexes to see if I can stop tapping the shortcut at just the right time when I see my login appear. Usually I miss it by 1 or 2.

So, a companion feature to being able to cycle alphabetically would be an opposing keyboard shortcut that cycles “backwards” so if we hit the key 1 too many times, it’s easy to go back vs. taking a trip to mouse town.

Noted, will add this to our backlog under usability for consideration and will loop in the product team. Thanks!



I confirm could be nice to get an option to manage how to manage login listing.
When we have many accounts on same host and manage identities, it’s non intuitive, as on new connexion listing is different.

Could be nice to have an option to define sort list by :
last used in first (actual),
by creation date

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: